My name is Sarah I'm from Germany, 21 years old and I started this blog to keep my friends and family updated during my year abroad in the United States. Since I traveled quite a bit during my year in the US I would categorize this blog mostly as a travelblog but now and then I will also just post daily stuff. I'm not on a around the wold trip, neither will traveling be the only thing I'm doing. Currently I'm studying International Business and Languages in the Netherlands and I'm trying to take any possibility to travel! :-)

In my free time I like work out, hang out with my friends, but also to watch shows! Since I turned vegan this year cooking became a pretty big hobby of mine as well. I never enjoyed food as much and what once was an obligation for me turned into a pleasure. I also love to learn languages and get to know new cultures. This was one of the main reasons, besides the fact that I like marketing and management, to study International Business and Languages. Let's all hope I'll  be fluent in Spanish and French within the next years ;-)


xenia van der woodsen hat gesagt…

ahhh du hast ein wunderschönes blogdesign! :) und qualitativ hochwertige posts. mach weiter so und poste ruhig etwas öfter wenn du zeit hast! <3

harnickelltales hat gesagt…

Mega schön dein Blog!! xxx

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