Kerkyra easily toke my heart by storm! And I will definitely award Kerkyra the prize of Europe's best city! At least until now ;-) I really enjoyed the many possibilities the capital of Corfu gave! Either you spent your day strolling to Old Town and eat your way through all the delicious Taverna's or you took a walk along the ocean while facing Albany and Greece mainland! Or you just visited the Old Fortress and had a breathtaking view of the city. And that's not all yet. Obviously you can also spent your day in Kerkyra with shopping! Although I have to say there are not that many shops to be found.

Another advantage of Kerkyra is that it is SO close located to the airport - you can literally walk straight from the airport to the city center! Never ever have I been to an airport who was that convenient (and most of all that cheap - considering that you usually pay a lot for the transport to get from and to the airport!).

I especially fell in love with the architecture and all these narrow streets. You can easily spent two days in the capital and discover all the beautiful sights. My top recommendations are to visit the Agios-Spyridonas Church and the Old Fortress! The Old Fortress offers you a great view of the city and you can learn a bit about the history of Corfu while you visit the attraction. Another great tourist attraction is the former St. Michael and St. George Palace, now known as the museum of modern art. 

Also if you are in Corfu you HAVE TO visit Rosy's Bakery! They offer vegan, gluten free and sugar free baklavas and all kind of creations you could imagine! It was sooo delicious! Especially the baklava filled with chocolate creme! 

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