Since I have travelled quite a bit within the United States I wanted to share some of my tips how to travel cheaply around the States! I've been  to twelve States including Hawaii, California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida and New York. So if you are on a budget here are some easy steps to follow to keep your expenses as low as possible:


  • low-cost airlines (Spirit, Sun Country Airlines, Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines)
  • regular airlines (United, Delta Airlines)
  • bus (Greyhound, Megabus)

These are the kind of transportation I used to travel around in the U.S. It always depends on the distance for your destination. For example I used the greyhound bus to go from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Chicago Illinois. I only payed 30$ roundtrip instead of paying around 100$ for a flight (excluding luggage). But of course it also depends on how much time you have, because obviously a bus takes longer than a flight. I used greyhound also to go from Houston to San Antonio and again from San Antonio to Austin. Another great bus company is Megabus. I used the busline to go from Hartford to New York for only 2$ roundtrip!! If you are travelling long distance I would recommend you to check flights on and/or! You can often find good deals with the low-cost airline spirit! I travelled 4x times with spirit (two roundtrips) and I recommend you in case you are travelling with a friend and don't need that much luggage, share one big luggage! This will be cheaper than each of you paying for your carry-on and you can even bring liquids (might be handy if you go to a sunny place). But it's also often the case that you find cheap deals with united or delta. I travelled most of my time with united and it is pretty convenient since you don't have to pay for your carry on! If you are thinking to go to some of the more pricier destinations I recommend you instead of going to Miami International to go to Fort Lauderdale to save some money! In case you're thinking about travelling to Hawaii it might be cheaper to book a flight to Los Angeles and from Los Angeles an independent flight to Hawaii. That's what we did when we travelled to Oahu!

A C C O M M O D A T I O N 

  • hostel
  • AirBnB
  • couchsurfing
  • workaway
I actually only stayed three times in a hostel while I was in the U.S. One time was in San Francisco, the other in Las Vegas and another time in Miami. I really loved the hostel in Miami called Miami Beach International Hostel so whoever is planning to go to South Beach I recommend you staying there. :) The other times I chose to do AirBnB simply because it was cheaper! I used AirBnB in Texas and California (besides San Francisco) and I really enjoyed it! You can get some great deals and the hosts sometimes provide you with a lot of information about the city! I also used couchsurfing, actually my first trip I did within the U.S. I chose to do couchsurfing and I completely fell in  love with it. It is a great exchange and you get to know the city way better than you would if you choose to stay in a hotel. I did couchsurfing in Chicago and Oahu and I would say couchsurfing is my favourite kind of accommodation. But keep in mind not to abuse couchsurfing just as a way to find a stay for free. It is more about getting to know people and have a great time together! Last thing I've listed I have never done but I really would like to do it! Workaway is a website providing offers to volunteers to help out people and in exchange you can sleep there for free and often also your meals will be included!

 A T T R A C T I O N S
  • free walking tours
  • go "insert city here" cards
  • groupon

What I can recommend is using go city cards, for example have I bought one of these in Miami but also in New York and Chicago. These cards offer you a package of attractions for a cheaper price instead of paying for all these attractions individually! Obviously you will have to check if you actually want to see all of these, but if you want to see most of them it is often times a great deal! Other than that you can also find great deals on groupon! We booked once a cruise from Miami to Freeport Bahamas for $90 per person. Free walking tours are my favourite kind of guided tours! The tour guides are often more enthusiastic because they are relying on your tip therefore they will give their best tour to convince you that he's worth some tip ;-)

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