Of course we could not leave Thailand without experiencing the Full Moon Party! We headed right in time to Koh Phangan, to arrive on day before the actual Full Moon Party started. Always make sure when going to the Full Moon Party to find a stay at the Haad Rin Beach, otherwise you'll pay 100 Baht per person for a Songthaew to get there, no matter how far the distance is! That was actually the reason why we moved to the HaadRin Resort (really can recommend this guesthouse 1 minute walk distance to the Haad Rin Beach!!), because most of the stuff takes place at Haad Rin Beach and we felt a little bit isolated in our previous Guesthouse. Koh Phangan is quite a big island and if you want to explore it cheaply then I guess your best bet would be to rent a motorbike or a quad, which I would only rent if you had previous experience with either one of these transportation methods, since it can be dangerous.

As for the Full Moon Party - nice to have experienced it once but I would say the hype is bigger than it's worth the "visit". It is definitely a huge party, but that doesn't mean it is the best one you can experience in Thailand. If you want to see some crazy stuff like ropes on fires or drink a mushroom shake then this is probably the go to place. Also make sure to buy some neon light colours to match the crowd! ;)

The day after the full moon party!

Definitely pay a visit to the Amstardam Bar! Yes it has its name for a specific reason - but that does not mean you have to come because of that reason! ;) It has a great overview of the island and is perfect for a chill day! I really have to say I have never been to such a pretty and nice bar!

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  1. Ooooh, Thailand... Ich liebe dieses Land! War vor 3 Jahren dort und möchte auf jeden Fall nochmal hin!
    💕 Sara von www.thecosmopolitas.com