If you're in Thailand - go to Koh Tao! By far my favourite island. It is not touristy unlike Ko Samui or Phuket, but you will meet lots of backpackers, especially ones who want to get a diving license. So if you plan on getting a diving license get it in Ko Tao, there are tons of diving schools! We took a bus from Bangkok to Champion and from there on a ferry brought us to Koh Tao. We payed in total 20 Euro to get there. When taking a bus always make sure it is a reliable brand, look up reviews on the internet since it occasionally happens that things get stolen while you are storing your luggage in the trunk of the bus. We used Lomprayah and were more than happy with their service. My coconut even landed on the shoulder of the driver and he didn't kick me out ;-) You get for for fairly cheap money nice bungalows and if you are staying at the Sairee Beach everything will be in walking distance! Since the island tend to be more expensive you have to except that you'll have higher expenditures for water and food. But we actually found a very nice and cheap stall in the "city" where we enjoyed some yummy pad thai and fried rice! If you are planning to go to Nang Yuan you can just walk along the Sairee Beach and you'll find lots of thai's who will offer you a long tail boat ride. But I'll write an extra post on that. Koh Tao was for me the perfect island to go out, I had lots of fun just going to beach bars and have a fun night without having to "party hard". And they played really good music there!!

Things you should/can do in Koh Tao:

  • get a diving license (if you are interested in one obviously)
  • take a trip to Nang Yuan (paradise for snorkeling)
  • go out at night and enjoy the fire shows at the beach bars
  • go snorkeling in Koh Tao if you're not going to Nang Yuan

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