Better late than never... :)

This was in January when I went with Joyce to Texas. I really enjoyed San Antonio due to the fact that it kinda felt like I would be back in Europe. You don't see that many ancient buildings in the U.S. so it was really nice to see something, that kind of feels like home. :)

I had a great Easter Sunday with my family going out for a brunch and petting the animals that were located right next to the restaurant. Also afterwards we went to the movies, which was just a nice relaxed day and I like to think back to it. Especially because I miss these two soooooo much!

Visiting one of the new seven world wonder was a real cool experience and seeing a Cenote was pretty stunning. It is so beautiful although making it such a tourist destination makes it less attractive. But I'm really glad I did this tour and would recommend it to anyone!

That day Paula and I went "Festival of the nations" in St. Paul (the capital of Minnesota). It was really fun and we tried lots of food from different countries, like Colombia, France, Thailand, and enjoyed different dances. One thing I realised though are that the so hyped Éclairs aren't tasty at all!!

Obviously many moments from Hawaii made it to my favourite moments of 2015... I loved camping at the beach and waking up in the morning and eat s'mores for breakfast. I loved seeing fire shows at night and falling asleep without a mattress just feeling the sand under me. There's no better way to camp than to camp at the beach! The natural pool, also called tide pools were pretty cool as well. :) and of course surfing!! I really want to get more into it once I'm again able to - it is so much fun!

Coming back to Germany after one year and seeing my loved ones again. It felt really good although I'm really missing the U.S. and hope to go back soon. My parents, or more my mum, organised a surprise lunch for me where I finally got to see my friends again after such a long time.

Since it tends to get quickly boring in the area I live in Germany it was nice to visit another friend I hadn't seen for over a year. I combined the trip with checking out my uni before the semester started and then went to visit my friend, who worked as an au pair in the Netherlands. We headed to Amsterdam for one day and enjoyed some yummy food!

Also Thailand contains many of my favourite moments. I'm glad I decided to backpack although I had no one coming with me. Which lead to meeting Filmona and Victoria at the airport and with whom I travelled during my whole time in Thailand. That alone makes my trip to Thailand already worth it ;) Otherwise I was very proud of climbing up 1237 steps, which as you can see on the picture, was very exhausting haha. Next to Victoria and Filmona I met many other great people and I'm so glad I had to chance to meet all of them!

After two years I could finally redeem my voucher to go skydiving! It was a great experience, but next time I'll do it I'll look out for a more exotic place. :)

Last but not least I moved to a new city, in fact to a new country. The Netherlands. As much as I hate the village I'm living during the autumn and winter, since it rains all the time and the wind almost blows you away, I deeply love it when it's summer and being able to go to the beach whenever I want!

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  1. wow. das sind aber viele schöne momente und dazu noch grossartig bilder. irgendwie hat mich gerade das reisefieber gepackt