Last weekend we spent one day in Amsterdam, we mainly decided to visit the city due to the fact that Galantis held a concert there. I already visited Amsterdam twice but my friend had never seen it so we took the opportunity and went to Amsterdam early in the morning to explore it a bit. We did not really look up which places to go and just strolled around.

I still was not able to visit the Anne Frank House, because I didn't take care of the tickets early enough. But I really hope I will be able to see it within the time that I am living in the Netherlands! So we arrived at around noon in Amsterdam by train and just walked around! And I think the first tourist attraction we walked "into" was the red light district. I think it is sometimes quite difficult to tell where the red light district starts, ergo when you'r not allowed to photograph anymore. So always pay attention and make sure to realise it early enough so you won't get into trouble! From the red light district we went to the main shopping street, while we were on our way to a vegan restaurant. By far the B E S T burger I've ever had! Can't wait to go back there! There restaurant was called "TerraZen". It is a really cute laid back restaurant which makes you more feel like paying a visit to a friend than actually sitting in a restaurant. After lunch we passed the Dam!

Vegan Restaurant "TerraZen"
Since we did not use google maps or asked around we did not go to the Amsterdam Sign and therefore also did not seen the Rijksmuseum. I have seen it before, although. We were pretty lucky with the weather and I would recommend anyone to rent a bike, I think it is always the best way to explore the city!

Also if you are staying longer than a day in Amsterdam make sure to check out Melkweg for some cool electro music! Famous DJ's are playing there frequently and it was really fun to see Galantis! I am really starting to like Amsterdam because it offers a great variety. From Architecture, history, shopping, good food to great concerts! I would also really like to do a canal cruise once! And for anyone who has a sweet tooth - you won't have a problem finding sweets! They are literally everywhere!

Amsterdam Centraal Train Station


  1. Beautiful pictures! Amazing!

    xx Tschok |

  2. Beautiful shots !

    I loooove Amsterdam ! I think it's one of the most romantic city I've ever been to.
    Thank you for sharing. :)

    Kenza from

  3. beautiful photos! Looks gorgeous x