Probably my favorite thing we did in Hawaii was camping at the beach! And I usually hate camping, I don't know where people see the fun sleeping in wet tents and waking up with back pain. But not this time. Spontaneously the friends of our Couchsurfing Host asked us to go camping (gotta love CS!) and to go dolphin swimming with them. Makua Beach is known for seeing wild Dolphins early in the morning so we planned to go out in the water in the AM. We arrived in the evening with a bag full of groceries so we could grill there. When it got dark a guy we met started doing a fire performance and our friend who's trying to be able to do those fire performances as well performed with an LED Poi. It was a really cool atmosphere and then we started my favorite thing of the evening: S'mores! :D S'mores consists of two (graham) crackers inbetween those crackers you put a piece of chocolate and your marshmallow which you will first grill. It's so delicious. Btw you have to try S'mores with Hershey's Cookies n Cream not only with the regular milk chocolate! We sat around the bonfire for a while and then we went to bed and I never (never!) slept so good while camping. We didn't even use a mattress which I usually do. It was so comfy sleeping on the sand and I wish I could camp every weekend at the beach. We had such a great time and we started the morning again with doing some S'mores haha. Unfortunately we didn't see any dolphins but we saw sea turtles really close to the Shore. :) So whenever you visit Hawaii you should definitely camp on a beach you'll not regret it! 

Tomorrow I'll start my 5-week backpacking trip in Thailand so you're more than welcome to follow me on instagram (username: sarah.bls) and see what I'm doing and where I'm traveling!

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  1. This looks so gorgeous!! Geez, I can't even start describing how utterly jealous I feel! hahahaha!