Now to our last stop in California: San Diego. My favorite place, even though it wasn't the perfect tanning spot, since there were only rocks and stones, was the La Jolla Cove. It was so awesome to see a sea lion in the free nature, not in a zoo. :) And everything just looked pretty with the big waves crashing into the rocks. But of course we also went to a Beach and it was the Windansea Beach which was nice. The other days we went to go Black Friday Shopping. It was actually pretty calm I was afraid somebody might slap me if I would get the last piece or so haha. And on our last day we visited Old town which has a lot of charm.

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  1. San Diego ist so eine tolle Stadt, als ich letztes Jahr dort war war ich so überwältigt, da ich gar nicht erwartet habe so eine schöne Stadt vorzufinden