I guess the least of people visit Minnesota when they are in the U.S., but if you are going to visit it then this little guide might help you what to do while you're there! Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota, and known together with Minneapolis as the twin cities. Minneapolis is the biggest city of Minnesota! So whenever you're in one of each city make sure to visit them both and also head to the Mall of America, because tax-free shopping obviously!! On all goods that are needed in life, so that means clothes and food! In Saint Paul you can find the Como Zoo, the beautiful Grand Avenue and the Summit Avenue! The Como Zoo is a Zoo free of charge! It is a really nice zoo and perfect for a sunny day! They also have a couple of rides there which are fun! Parking can get a little bit tricky on warm days but somehow you'll always find a spot! When you're searching for a place to eat or go shopping I recommend you go to the Grand Avenue in Saint Paul which is a very quite street! They have an ice cream shop where Obama once bought his ice cream! The Wild Onion is a nice bar to go if you're not sure what to do at night. But also during they day they service nice food and if you're into sport - they are usually showing sports on the screens! Little bit further from Grand Avenue you can find the Summit Avenue. The street has some of the most historic buildings in Saint Paul and if you're into pretty houses you should definitely check them out! At the end of the 18th Century James J. Hill started with the first impressive house and  many more houses in the victorian style have followed! From there it is only a short walk to the Cathedral of St. Paul. You have a nice view from the Cathedral of St. Paul! A bit further you can also find the State Capitol which is an impressive building! 

Cathedral of St. Paul 

James J. Hill House

State Capitol

Minneapolis is around half an hour away from St. Paul so you can easily combine the two cities! Minneapolis is great for going out at night, and I've also heard that the gay bars are supposed to be pretty fun! They have a 'Hell's Kitchen' in Minneapolis and they serve great food along with good live music! If you're looking for a nice activity in Minneapolis you should pay Lake Calhoun a visit! You can tan there, but also go for a run or cycle around the lake! They also have a pretty nice restaurant there called 'Tinfish'. Otherwise I can also recommend going to 'YoghurtLab' which is a short walk from Lake Calhoun or Burger John. They really serve great food! 


  1. Wow, die Häuser sind der Wahnsinn! Da möchte ich gerne mal Untermieter sein :) Das ist für mich irgendwie typisch amerikanisch, diese langen Straßen mit viel Grün und links und rechts davon die typisch amerikanischen Wohnhäuser mit ihren Veranden und kleinen Vorgärten. Echt schön!